Is it Wise to Pump Your Septic Tank Yourself? Pros and Cons


Maintaining a septic system comes with its responsibilities, one of which is pumping the septic tank. Unlike public sewer systems, septic tanks are independent and decentralized waste disposal systems. Septic tanks require proper attention and maintenance to function properly and avoid system failure or costly repairs. Now, you might be wondering if it's easier to pump your septic tank yourself instead of hiring a septic tank service to do it. If so, you might want to take a look at these pros and cons before you get started.

Pros of Pumping Your Septic Tank Yourself:

Saves Money

Pumping a septic tank by yourself will save you some money. Usually, you may end up paying over a thousand dollars for septic tank pumping and maintenance services. However, if you are comfortable handling the task yourself, you could save this money for other needs. All you need is a septic tank pumping machine, a hose, and probably a disposal center for the waste.

Faster Pumping

In most cases, septic tank pumping companies tend to be busy and may not attend to your request immediately. So, if the need arises, say after a holiday gathering, and the septic tank is full, you could pump out the waste yourself to avoid septic tank failure. Pumping the tank by yourself gives you the convenience of doing the job as soon as possible without waiting for a pumping company's response.

Physical Inspection

When you decide to pump the septic tank, you get the chance to inspect your septic system physically. Inspecting the system would enable you to identify any faults or damages so that swift repairs can be sought. A simple visual inspection of the septic tank and distribution box will give an early indication of the system's condition.

Cons of Pumping Your Septic Tank Yourself:

Requires Technical Knowledge

Pumping your septic tank requires technical know-how. Otherwise, you could cause more harm than good to the system. For instance, using the wrong machine to pump the tank, not disposing of the waste matter correctly, or not following the right pumping procedure could lead to breakages or failure of the system.

Danger of Infection

Pumping a septic tank exposes you to waste materials, which could lead to infections and diseases. Experiencing an open cut, sore, or wound could lead to exposure to bacteria and viruses in the waste material.

Waste Disposal

Even though pumping a septic tank by yourself saves you money, it presents the problem of waste disposal. You need to find a suitable disposal site that complies with environmental health regulations to avoid contamination and pollution.

Pumping your septic tank by yourself has its advantages and disadvantages. While it saves you money and gives you more immediate access to pump and inspect your system, it also requires technical know-how, poses risks of infection, and presents waste disposal challenges. Therefore, before you decide to pump your septic tank yourself, ensure that you weigh your options and seek professional advice if necessary.

For more info about septic tank pumping, contact a local company. 


12 January 2024

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