Common Causes Of Emergency Septic Service Calls


Your home's septic system plays a critical role in waste management. Most homeowners with a septic system understand the importance of routine pumping, inspections, and similar maintenance. What they may not realize is that sometimes emergencies happen with a septic system, even if it's been well-maintained. Recognizing the problems that constitute emergencies is an important place to start. Here are a few septic system issues that warrant emergency calls to your local contractor.

You're dealing with septic backups 

Any time your septic system backs up into your home, that constitutes a septic emergency. This interferes with the drains in your home and introduces bacteria and wastewater that can be harmful. Reach out to a septic system repair service right away for an emergency appointment. They can assess the system and help you identify the source of the problem. Sometimes, these backups are a result of an overfull septic tank that needs to be pumped. In other cases, it may be the result of a blockage in the lines. Address the problem immediately to restore the proper flow in your system.

You have high nitrate readings

If you're seeing high readings of nitrate in your septic system, it's often a result of a malfunctioning leach field. If the leach field is overfilled with material, it may not be able to properly drain and filter wastewater, which creates a backup into your septic tank. If your nitrate gauges are showing high levels in the tank, it warrants an emergency septic repair call to address it so that you don't risk problematic backups. Your technician can help you narrow down the source of the disruption and restore the balance in your system so that it functions as intended.

Your tank alarm is activated 

Septic tank alarms are beneficial for alerting homeowners when the tank reaches a specific level. Usually, the alarm is installed low enough that it gives you time to get a repair technician out to address the problem before the tank overflows, but you won't have much time to wait. Instead, when your septic tank alarm goes off, you should call for emergency service right away to protect your property from an overflowing septic tank.

These are just a few of the most common reasons why you might need an emergency septic system call. The sooner you address these problems, the better it is for your septic system and your family. An emergency repair call can correct the problem so that your drain system functions properly again.

Speak to emergency septic services today to learn more. 


18 May 2023

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