The Problems of a Residential Septic System


Is there an area of green grass near your septic tank that is a lot greener than the other grass in your yard? Although it may seem as though the greenest area of your yard is simply healthier than other areas, it should be a concern. The reason is that when green grass grows near a septic tank, it is a sign that there is a problem at hand that needs to be resolved. For example, unusually green grass could be a sign that one or more aspects of your septic system need to be repaired. There might be other signs that your septic system needs attention as well, such as problems with the plumbing fixtures in your home. 

The Drainfield Is Not Functional

One of the most important parts of a septic system is the drainfield, as an array of problems will occur if it is not functional. Without the drainfield, there would not be a dedicated space for liquid waste to flow from the septic tank. Basically, liquid waste leaves the tank via a line that is connected to lines under the ground. The lines under the ground are what is known as the drainfield, and are usually covered by grass to blend with the other areas of the yard. If the drainfield lines are not functioning properly, wastewater might seep up through your yard and the grass might become greener than usual.

Toilets Flush More Slowly Than Usual

When toilets flush slowly, it is easy to assume that they simply need to be plunged. However, slow-flushing toilets should be a big concern because the problem points to a problem with the septic system. For example, your toilets might flush slower than usual if the septic tank is too full. The tank might be fuller than usual because you have not had it pumped in a long time, or liquid waste has not been flowing out into the drainfield. The immediate attention of a professional is necessary in case your toilets are at risk of being backed up and making a toxic mess in your home.

A Foul Odor Surrounds the Septic Tank

If you have been smelling the waste inside your septic tank, it is a sign that a problem is at hand. The odor could be the result of waste leaking out of the tank, or waste seeping from the drainfield. The problem will not resolve itself, so make an appointment with a professional to get your septic system inspected. Septic system repairs or pumping might be necessary if you have noticed any of the problems that are detailed in this article.

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14 February 2023

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