What Happens When You Delay Septic Pumping? 3 Problems You Might Face


A septic system collects the wastewater from your home's drains and treats it before releasing it to the ground. However, some solid waste materials do not break down and instead accumulate at the bottom of the tank. It is important to hire experts to pump your septic system regularly to clear this solid waste and prevent clogs. However, many homeowners fail to understand the importance of septic pumping and wait until they experience a problem with the septic tank before hiring professionals. If you have been using your home's septic tank without pumping it, here are three problems you might experience.

1. Slow Flow of Liquids Down the Drain

The septic tank works by collecting wastewater from the drains and treating it using various bacteria. However, the bacteria will not break down all solid wastes, which begin accumulating in the tank. Consequently, the wastewater you pour down the drains will have little space to drain into the sewer pipes. As a result, most drains will clog, causing wastewater to flow down slowly. So, if you don't want to experience standing in dirty water as you take a shower, hire septic pumping professionals regularly.

2. Sewage Water Backs up the Drains

If you don't deal with slow drains as soon as you notice the problem, you increase the risk of sewage water backing up your house. Remember that solid waste will accumulate in the tanks and drains when you fail to pump them out. Eventually, the water you keep pouring down your drains won't have a place to go and will begin flowing back up out of your drains. Unfortunately, this sewage water can lead to more severe issues. For instance, exposure to this water might cause serious illnesses, damage various structures and belongings, or promote mold growth.

3. Septic System Damage

Accumulating solid waste in the septic tank can also cause physical damage to some parts of the septic system. For instance, excessive sludge might exert pressure on the inlet and outlet pipes, causing them to crack. As a result, sewage water will begin leaking, and your septic system will become inefficient. Therefore, you will have to repair or replace these components to restore your septic system efficiency. Unfortunately, these repair and replacement projects are costlier to handle than hiring septic pumping professionals in the first place.

Failure to hire septic pumping professionals on time leads to devastating consequences. For example, your drains may become slow, sewage water will back up your drains, and some components might get damaged. Therefore, don't wait until you experience these problems. Instead, hire septic pumping professionals regularly to maintain and clean the septic tank to ensure it is always effective.


10 October 2022

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