How to Pass Your Title Five Inspection With Three Important Tips


If you want to sell your home and own a home with a septic tank, you will need to pass a Title 5 inspection to sell your home. A Title 5 inspection is all about making sure that you are selling your home with a working septic tank to potential buyers.

1. Pump Out Your Septic Tank

First, you will want to schedule to have your septic tank pumped before your inspection is scheduled. Although this is not a required action, getting your tank pumped is a smart move.

Getting your tank pumped will clean out your tank and mean that there is nothing for the inspector to look at when they inspect your tank. They will not see that you put sanitary products down your toilet that you shouldn't have or that your tank is filled with lots of solid food that you shouldn't have put down the sink drain. Pumping out your tank will ensure that when the inspector looks at your tank, they will only see a well taken care of the tank.

2. Stop Using Harsh Chemicals

Second, you need to stop allowing harsh chemicals into your septic tank. That means you shouldn't wash with bleach or use any other harsh chemicals to clean your toilet, sink, or tub. These harsh chemicals will harm your septic tank. They will kill the helpful bacteria inside your tank, and they can even eat at your tank, depending on the chemicals you use and the material used for the tank.

3. Limit Water Usage

Third, you will want to limit water usage about a week or so before your inspection. During the inspection, the inspector will run enough water so that it flows through the septic tank and out into the leach field. They do this to ensure that your leach field works properly.

If you use excessive water leading up to your inspection, your leach field may be too wet and not absorb when the inspector runs this test. That is why you should limit your water usage for a week or two before the test to ensure your leach field isn't too wet.

To pass your Title 5 inspection, pump your tank and remove all the old sludge. Don't use harsh chemicals that could harm the balance of bacteria in your tank. Limit water usage to prevent overflooding of your leach field. These are three steps you can take to ensure your septic tank passes its Title 5 inspection, and you can sell your home without repairing or replacing your septic tank.


13 April 2021

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