Postponing Repairs? How A Broken Septic System Can Cause Health Problems


If it's been a few years since you had your septic tank pumped, you may have reached the point where serious repairs are necessary. You might not realize this, but failing to care for your septic system can increase the risk for malfunction. It can also put your health at risk. This is especially true if the malfunction leads to sewage backups. If you're not sure how septic problems can lead to health risks, read the information provided below. Here are just three of the ways septic problems can affect your health. 

Dangerous Gas Leaks

If you've been delaying septic repairs, your tanks could be filling up with gas. These gases don't just lead to foul odors. In fact, they can be extremely harmful to you and your family. The first gas is methane. Methane is an odorless gas that can build up inside your septic tank. If too much methane gas builds up, it can lead to fires and explosions. Sulfide gas doesn't pose a risk for fire or explosion, but it can pose a health risk. Sulfide gas can cause irritation of the throat, mouth, nose, and eyes. To avoid the risks associated with hazardous gases, have your septic tank repaired right away. 

Backyard Health Risks

If you've postponed your septic tank repairs, there's a good chance that your backyard has hidden health risks, especially where your pets are concerned. If your septic system isn't functioning properly, you could have sewage water seeping into the soil. You could even have visible puddles of sewage water. Unfortunately, that sewage water may contain parasites that could cause harm to your pets. If your pets come in contact with the contaminated water, they could be at risk for hookworm and tapeworm. The best way to protect your pets from these health risks is to handle septic system repairs in a timely manner. 

Transmission of Diseases

If raw sewage has started to backup into your home as a result of septic damage, you and your family are at an increased risk for serious illnesses. This is especially true if you and your family come in contact with the contaminated water. You might not think you've come in contact with the sewage, but there could be traces of contamination in your bathtub, especially if your septic is burping - emitting small amounts of liquid up through the pipes. You can keep your family healthy by taking care of septic repairs immediately. 

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6 January 2021

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