Problems With Septic Tanks That Could Cause Household Plumbing Issues


The septic tank you have installed to deal with your plumbing waste could be the cause of different problems. You are going to want to deal with these problems before they lead to costly repairs. Sometimes, the problem is simple to fix with routine maintenance, but there may also be things that need to be done to update and outdated septic system. The following septic problems are some of the issues you want to deal with before they damage household plumbing:

  • Dealing with leaking tank problems—The older septic tanks that are made of concrete can degrade and have serious problems. The baffles inside the tank can degrade and become damage, which can cause issues with solids breaking down. The tank can also have problems with cracks due to the old concrete. To solve these problems, it may be a good idea to have the tank retrofitted with a liner or seal coating.
  • Issues with worn or failing inlets and outlets—Inside the septic tank, there are inlet and outlet plumbing fittings. These are where the plumbing from your home drains to the tank and effluent drains to a drain field. Over time, these fittings can wear or fail and may need to be replaced to prevent problems with your septic system.
  • Drain field line problems that need repairs—There are also problems with drain field lines that may need repairs. The drain field is vulnerable to several issues that can damage the septic tank and your household plumbing. The first issue that you want to be aware of is clogged pipes, which happens when the septic tank is overburdened with solids. Pumping the tank can take care of the problems with clogged lines. Another issue is collapsed and failing pipes that will need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Problems with secondary tanks and septic pumps—Some older systems could have already been upgraded with secondary treatment tanks. These tanks are installed to increase the capacity of a septic system. When there is a problem with the distribution of effluent to the drain field, the tank may be a pump tank. These additional upgrades to the older systems require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they are working correctly. Therefore, when you have your tank pumped, you will want to ask the septic tank service about servicing the secondary system.

These septic tank problems are some of the issues that you will need to deal with before they cause household plumbing problems. Contact a septic tank service for help fixing these problems before they cause serious damage to household plumbing. 


12 August 2020

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