Things To Do When You Have Your Septic System Cleaned


If you are going to be needing to have routine maintenance done to your septic tank soon, make sure to do more than just pumping. It is important to inspect the different areas of the system and address issues that could cause future problems with the septic system or household plumbing. The following routine septic cleaning tasks will help you ensure you have all the right maintenance done to your septic system:

  • Pumping and Inspecting the Condition of The Tank—The first thing that needs to be done when cleaning your system is pumping the tank. After the tank has been pumped, it will need to be inspected to ensure there are no problems with the components inside. The structural integrity of concrete tanks also needs to be inspected to make sure they are not degrading. If you have a concrete tank that is beginning to cause problems, talk to a septic service about retrofitting it with a liner.
  • Checking the Distribution System for Problems—The distribution of the septic system is important because poor distribution can cause overburden and problems with lines. Therefore, you want to make sure that the distribution box is checked, as well as other mechanical components that your system may have, such as pump tanks. Make sure that all these areas are inspected when you have the septic cleaning done.
  • Make Sure the Drain Field Lines Are Working Properly—Another area that needs to be inspected is the drain field. First, you mainly want to have the lines checked to make sure they are not blocked with solids. The blockages can be cleared by the septic cleaning service to avoid future problems with the system. Sometimes, additional lines and distribution improvements can help prevent problems with the drain field.
  • Consider Improvements to Prevent Problems and Update the System—Some adjustments can be made to improve your septic system, such as installing an alarm. In addition to a septic tank alarm, you may want to have additional upgrades done. These can be things like distribution improvements, additional treatment tanks, and additional drain field lines that aid in the distribution of effluent.

Make sure these maintenance tasks are done to take care of your septic system when you have it cleaned. If it is time to have the routine pumping and maintenance done, contact a septic cleaning service to ensure minor septic problems do not lead to serious issues with your plumbing.


16 July 2020

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