Vital Septic Tank Pumping Tips You Should Know


Septic tanks play an essential role in managing waste if a residential home isn't connected to the municipal's sewer line. These tanks are often constructed using concrete or plastic and can collect and treat sewage and wastewater for years. However, the effectiveness of this form of sewage treatment system is primarily determined by the maintenance measures you put in place over the years. This is the reason experts recommend that you have a septic tank maintenance schedule.

One of the essential things you need to do is to pump-out your septic tank regularly. This piece will outline some crucial hints you should know to ensure the septic tank pump out process is carried out effectively.

Why should you pump out the tank?

Most homeowners today tend to avoid this maintenance measure because they do not see its significance. The truth is that septic tanks need to be emptied from time to time to avoid experiencing major issues. The heavy substances that get into septic tanks usually settle at the bottom and form a sludge layer over time. Sludge can build up to a higher level and get to the lateral field, causing clogging, and this eventually blocks the pipes. Before you know it, the unclean water will find its way back on to the surface, leading to an awful smell. Pumping out the septic tank will eliminate the sludge that has accumulated, making it easier for the septic tank to treat wastewater efficiently.

How do you know that your septic tank is unhealthy?

There are a number of warning signs that will help you know when your septic tank is malfunctioning so you can contact the professionals. This includes strong unpleasant smells, liquid sewage water overflows, dark green grass around the septic tank area, draining issues, especially with the toilet, and wet areas around the septic tank's top part. Any of these warning signs indicate that your septic tank hasn't been maintained and that it's time to contact experts for a thorough health check.

How often should the septic tank be pumped out?

There are a number of variables that determine the number of times you need to pump out the tank. For instance, if you allow a lot of waste to go down your drain, entertain lots of guests in your home, have connected a sewage ejector pump to the septic system, or do more laundry in your home, you will likely need to pump out your tank more often.

If you notice it's time for some septic tank maintenance, contact a professional who knows how to perform septic tank pumping in your area. 


15 July 2020

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