Portable Toilet Placement For Events: Dos And Don'Ts


When you are planning an event that will be held outside, it is important that you consider renting hand wash stations and portable toilets. As soon as you have decided on a rental company, you need to decide where the toilets will be placed for convenience for your guests. To assist you with this particular task, here are a few dos and don'ts.

Do Visualize the Flow of the Crowd

When you are placing the portable toilets, you will want to select an area that is both easy and convenient for your guests to get to without actually pulling any attention away from the event festivities. You should consider the event's crowd flow will go and where the guests will congregate. Make sure that the toilets are placed in an area nearby while ensuring that there is some additional space for lines. You will want to avoid placing the washrooms too close to anywhere that food and beverages are being served, since this can cause issues with traffic.

Don't Block the Fire Hydrants

Prior to selecting a location, you will want to ensure that you are not placing the toilets anywhere near fire hydrants, fire lanes, entry ramps, special parking spots, or emergency exits. It is unlawful to block essential areas like these and it can put your event guests at risk in the event of an emergency.

Do Position Near Sufficient Lighting and Security

If you place portable toilet stations too far away from the festivities or in an area where they are hidden from security or staff members, they will be susceptible to graffiti or damage. To make certain that the toilets are easy to find, accessible, and safe, make sure that the toilets are placed in a well-lit area and near security.

Don't Place on Uneven Terrain

Although it is true that portable toilets are built to endure the elements and are incredibly sturdy, wet or uneven terrain can result in the portable toilets moving unnecessarily, sliding, or even tipping over. Keeping all of this in mind, you will want to ensure that you position your toilets on dry and level terrain.

If you have an outdoor event coming up like a concert, corporate picnic, wedding, or any other kind of event that will require a large gathering outside, you need to consider investing in portable toilets. Follow the aforementioned dos and don'ts. For more information, contact a company that offers toilets for rent.

Looking for a toilet for events? Contact a local expert for more information.


10 June 2020

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