Great Advice When Renting Portable Restrooms For An Outdoor Wedding


If you're having an outdoor wedding in a remote place, it's still important to provide a place to use the bathroom. That's where portable restrooms can be rented out. This rental process can go smoothly if you utilize this advice.

Figure Out Ideal Quantity Amount

You don't want people at the wedding having to wait a long time to use these portable restrooms. You, thus, need to order the right amount. This ultimately depends on the number of people attending the wedding.

What you need to do is take into account how many people responded to your RSVP invitations and make a note of plus ones. You can then add these figures up and know roughly how many people will be in attendance. 

Give these totals to the restroom rental company you're working with and they'll know exactly how many to bring out to the outdoor wedding. 

Opt For Professional Delivery

Portable restrooms for weddings are pretty luxurious and large. Thus, moving them to the wedding site can be a pretty involved process. So that you don't have to worry about the logistics of their transportation at all, just work with a professional company.

It may be the company you're renting from or an independent transportation company. Either way, the company will exercise extreme caution getting these units to the right area around your outdoor wedding venue. They can also secure all of the trailers in place to ensure no added movement happens when guests are inside. 

Get the Right Features

There are all sorts of incredible features that can be equipped in portable restrooms for weddings today. For instance, you can have elegant LEDs put inside so that everyone can see clearly when it starts getting dark. 

AC window units can also be equipped inside, which is very important if you're having an outdoor wedding during the summer months. You might even have entertainment systems set up in these portable restrooms so that guests can get ready or freshen up in style. The feature possibilities are pretty endless. Just go with features that justify the extra costs you might have to take care of.

Having an outdoor wedding is great because of the added scenery, but that does mean you'll need to provide portable restrooms. As long as you carefully consider the units you get and know what to do throughout the rental process, you can have a smooth experience all the way through. 

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27 May 2020

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