Setting Up An Outdoor Fundraising Event When You Expect A Large Crowd


A large crowd is a wonderful thing when you are hosting a fundraising event, but figuring out how to accommodate all of your guests takes some planning. From selling food and coordinating entertainment to making sure you have enough bathroom facilities for everyone, the success of your event is all in how you coordinate everything you need for your guests. As you prepare for your outdoor fundraising event, it's time to think about the practical ways you can meet the needs of your guests.

Managing Crowd Flow

If you have an event where guests are going to be moving from one activity to another, it's important to consider how you are going to manage crowd flow. if you are having a concert in one area and food vendors in another, delineating these areas with ropes or other barriers can help improve crowd flow. If you have guests that have mobility issues, you want to make sure you are using a golf cart or something similar to bring guests where they need to go.

Planning for Bathroom Needs

The number of portable restroom rentals you need will depend on how many people you expect to attend the event. Portable restroom rental services can help you decide how many units you will need to serve your guests, including any hand-washing stations you might need for guest comfort and how many handicapped units you'll want for those guests that need them. Your restroom rental company can help you figure out where the portable restrooms should be located and what makes the most sense for your event. You might need a larger number of units in one area or need to have handicap accessible portable restrooms spread throughout. 

Parking and Your Outdoor Event

Large crowds bring plenty of cars to your event, and you have to plan for parking. You might need to have parking away from the event location and offer a shuttle service for people attending. You might have onsite parking, but it's important to consider other ways people can make it to your event without having to struggle to find parking.

Your outdoor fundraising event can be a great success when you plan accordingly. Try to determine how many guests you can expect, and have enough bathroom facilities for the size of the crowd. Have a parking plan, focus on crowd flow, and work out the details before your big day.


4 March 2020

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