Why Opt For Hydro Excavation For Sewer Line Replacement


You have a septic line that needs to be replaced, and you are looking at the options available. One contractor offers hydro excavation, but you have no idea of whether this is the best idea. Here is a look at why opting for hydro excavation is a better idea. 

The digging part of the project will be more precise. 

Some homeowners avoid having necessary work performed because they don't like the idea of disrupting their yard or landscape, but hydro excavation helps to eliminate these concerns. Hydro-excavation systems have attachments that allow for very precise digging. If there only needs to be a narrow trench dug, that is all that will be dug. With traditional excavation, the size of the ground opening is limited to the size of the digging mechanism, which is most often substantially larger than it needs to be for just a line. 

The overall line replacement will be less time-consuming. 

A major advantage of hydro excavation is the speed at which a project can be completed. Water is sprayed in a high-pressure way to break up the dirt, and then the slurry mixture that is created is immediately vacuumed out of the way. Traditional digging would require bucket after bucket of dirt to be hauled back and forth just to access the line, and the process would repeat once the septic line was placed. 

The project will be less invasive or disruptive to the surrounding ecosystem. 

If you have a lot of natural ecosystems present on your property that support native plants and animals, the idea of bringing in a massive machine to break open the ground and make a mess can be unnerving. With a hydro excavation system, the work is more precise in nature and far less disruptive to the surrounding ecosystems because of that. For instance, if the septic line has to go through a short field of native grasses and plants that attract a local honeybee population, you will not have to see this entire area disrupted just to get your line replaced. 

The contractor will not have to bring heavy equipment on your property. 

Bringing massive equipment onto a residential property can bring about its own list of concerns. You may be responsible for obtaining permits, you may have to take down sections of a fence, and you may have to be concerned about the safety of your neighbor's children, for a few examples. Hydro excavation allows the bigger equipment pieces to be parked on the road while hoses are run to do the actual work. 

To learn more, contact a hydro excavation contractor.


25 February 2020

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