Helpful Steps To Take When Maintaining A Septic System


If you have a property that's in a remote location, you probably rely on a septic system. In this case, you'll need to take good care of it so that it works optimally over the years. Septic system maintenance isn't that difficult if you take these steps. 

Stay Clear of the Drain Field

The drain field is one of the more important components of your septic system. It is what removes contaminants from the liquids that come from the septic tank. Since it is left exposed, you need to stay clear of this area.

Otherwise, you could impact it and then cause it to not function correctly. So that you don't run the risk of impaction or other structural damage, just mark this area off. It can be with fencing materials or plastic tarps. Just use something that lets you know exactly where this field is so that you don't go near it and cause damage.

Have the Tank Pumped

There isn't an unlimited amount of space in your septic tank. It will reach a point where it needs to be pumped. That's where septic system pumping companies can help. They'll come out with specialized trucks and pumping gear. 

After setting up the pump, they'll remove the waste that has collected in your septic tank over the months. They can also put together a pumping schedule based on your water usage and tank size. So right when it's about to reach the levels of being full, the company will come out and remove this waste. 

Hire an Inspection Company

No matter what sort of septic system is on your property, it's paramount to have it inspected every now and then. You'll then know about its condition and potential issues that warrant your attention right away.

The inspector that comes out will look over important components, including the septic tank, pump, and drain field. They'll document any issues that are present. You'll see these issues at the end of the report if they're present, along with the repairs that need to be made. Thanks to these inspections, you can address problems before they get a lot worse and become more expensive. 

Septic systems are typically found around properties that are out in the middle of nowhere. As long as you know how to care for this system properly over the years, you can do yourself a huge service and avoid a lot of costly issues. Go to sites like to learn more about septic system work.


24 January 2020

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