Potential Issues with Septic Distribution Box


The septic distribution box receives treated wastes from the septic tank and distributes it throughout the septic drain field. The even distribution of the wastes ensures they percolate into the soil at a reasonable rate to prevent flooding and pollution. This might not be the case if the distribution box has malfunctioned. Below are some of the problems that can plague the distribution box.


Wastes need to flow out of the septic tank and into the distribution box. Unfortunately, this might not be the case if the septic tank has sunk lower than the distribution box.  This might happen if the soil under the septic tank is loose or weaker than the surrounding soil. Maybe the septic system installer over-excavated the hole and filled it up with loose soil. Whatever the case, the septic tank might sink, damage the outlet pipe, and prevent the flow of waste from the septic tank into the distribution box. This means the distribution box won't have any waste to distribute.


In some cases, it might be the distribution box and not the septic tank that gets affected by settling soils. This might be the case if the soils around the distribution box don't have an equal density or get affected by floodwaters. In such a case, the distribution box, which is usually level, might tilt at an angle.

Unfortunately, a tilted distribution box won't be able to send water evenly into the trenches. Some trenches might receive more water than others. The overwhelmed trenches might not be able to dispose of all the waste, leading to a flooded drain field.

Casing Damage

Since the distribution box sits in the ground, it must be encased property to avoid interference from the surrounding soils. If the case gets damaged, the distribution box will be susceptible to damage from the surrounding soils, water, and tree roots. Such a distribution box will experience accelerated wear and tear, and lead to premature failure.

Organic Material Growth

Organic materials, such as algae, can also interfere with the operations of the distribution box. If such materials grow in the box, they might block the distribution box pipes or channels. The growth will interfere with the even distribution of wastes. The result will be poor waste disposal just as is the case with a tilted distribution box.

As you can see, the septic distribution box is central to your septic system operations. Therefore, consult a septic pumping service as soon as possible if you notice any of the above problems with your distribution box.


22 January 2020

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